its on CDBABY, ITUNES, I will mail a CD to you. It's on SPOTIFY, GOOGLEPLAY, AMAZON DIGITAL DOWNLOADS, THE best way to get one is to come to a show and buy the cd off me for 5$ and you get the best deal because it's 7 songs. on Itunes it ends up being 7.99 or whatever.

Where can we find your music?

Not really. I always wished I could draw. I tried but, it never really worked out. It's like poetry, I don't really like, the only thing I could ever write was like the cheesy, like high school drama class bullshit. I always just tossed that shit.

As far as your music goes, Do you have any other art, poetry, etc ?

It's freaking fantastic. I made the right call by putting a little bit of mustard on it. But, that's a personal choice. A lot of guys don't like mustard but, I gotta say the meat is cooked perfectly. Really no complaints, ya know? The Bacon is cooked perfectly.

We are eating the BC BURGER. A couple bites in, what do you think?

Barely. Ummm.. there is never enough time in the day, right? I took a lot of time off. I was in production for a while. I would always find myself promoted myself way too fast. I would be the manager before I knew it. I just don't like that shit. I don't like cracking the whip, ya know? I expect everyone to be driven already. None of them ever are. Its a lot of cracking the whip and I don't like that shit. So like 2008, when the housing market crashed, I was working in housing based production, basically. We made roof trusses. That shit tanked. We had corporate backing and they bought up all the little mom and pop places that went out of business and hired thier help at starting wages. Before I knew it I was in charge of guys with twice the experience I had. They fired me and I was collecting unemployment. So, I rented a practice spot for HONEY PISTOL. We played and played. I got good and I was like, " fuck all this working every God Damned minute of the day making crap money" Since then, I have been pretty much just chill. I got a little too chill for a minute. Got myself into some debt. Now, I'm working my way out of that shit. I'm trying to work like 50 hours a week right now. It's hard to sit down and write music for like 10 hours a week. I got a girlfriend I gotta try and keep happy. So, its tough. I like to relax and play video games. I gotta find time for all of that. If I don't I'm not a happy dude. No one else in my world will be happy, either. I never try to do anything in excess. I try to make the big moments count in all aspects. Take full advantage of everything. be honest with everyone. Don't make excuses, that's the one thing that will piss everyone off. Don't be a flake. Instead of presenting an excuse, present a solution with it and move forward.

How do you balance your music life versus your personal/family life?

Ya know. That's tough. I would love to open for EVERY TIME I DIE, but my shits weird and I don't think their audience would like it at all. But, I guess more in like my style? It would be fun to open for the DEATH GRIPS I think, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't show and I could be like a Bigger Finger and get away with even more. I like to poke my finger in people's faces sometimes and try to see what I could say " How can I offend you?" and I will test their defenses with stuff. As far as got me rapping, I would love to open for MC CHRIS. Because he showed me there was an actually an avenue for dudes that weren't trying to act hard and fuckin still put together some hip hop. I grew up on EASY E and ICE CUBE, ICE T, DR DRE. Before it was like a fuckin carnival prize. I have always had that appreciation for that "old school hip hop".  It's not even old school if you want to get technical. So, MC CHRIS came out and I was like," you know what, if this dude can make rap songs, I can make rap songs" But now, I'm way too aggressive for his shit. His shit is way fucking nerdy and dorky. So, all my dream shows would be horrible for ORANGUBANG to play. But, they would be cool for me.

If you could see or open for any act or band, alive or dead. Who would it be?

I think JFK knew. He knew what he was doing. He knew who he had pissed off. I'm sure they told him before they shot him. "stop or else we are going to shoot you." There was something along those lines. There had to be. Yeah. That's a great question...

"well, I think it would be easier for Kurt to answer than JFK."

Well this fucker up here,(see Pic), is a cover up for an upside down cross I gave myself when I was a kid. like 13 or 14. I got the cover up while I was in Florida working for a shitty antique restoration company. I just travelled to antique shows and scammed old ladies, I didn't know I was scamming them, for their broken antiques. The place was indicted by the FBI like 2 days after I left. Anyway, I got the tattoo and like a month later GODSMACK dropped thier first album. In my defense I was in Florida and it was the one thing I enjoyed for like 2 weeks, was all the sun. Coming from South Dakota I didn't see sun like that in October. So, GODSMACK happened and I spent like the next 10 years avoiding it. Now, I'm just so old people don't bother me about it. They think I am just an old school GODSMACK fan. Like that's sad and pathetic, don't pick on the old man.

Do you have any tattoos you regret?

 Its one of those things, we held on to it for like 3 innings. It was me and my buddy, we passed it back and forth. Its a fuckin trough man. We got it down to where there was like 6 inches left of that fucker. It got to the point where it needed its own chair, ya know? Its just so much. It comes with a shit ton of fries and you just reach that point where you have to be a disgusting American and throw it away. If anything its worth the novelty of it. 25$ to say you have partaken in that. Its all part of the baseball experience, right? The weird foods and how every city has their thing. I would say its worth it. They ain't paying me shit and I would say its equal to 2 of their gourmet corn dogs.

What would you say is your most significant accomplishment? Musically or personally?

In my rotation? I have thought about this question a lot. Some days it changes. It just depends on if it would embarass me that day. But, I would Say Gwen Stefani's 'Holla Back Girl' For a long time there I would wait until my friends were super drunk and sneak that into the play list, otherwise they would make fun of me. " I only play this when I'm drunk" That Pharrell beat just got on top of me and was like BAM BAM BAM!! There's is nothing I am really ashamed of, Like Dave Grohl once said, "There is no such thing as a guilty pleasure, because you shouldn't feel guilty about liking anything musically" On that note, I am still proud to say my first CD purchase was actually EN VOGUE's "Funky Divas Of Soul" like that "never gonna get it, never get it" and QUEEN's greatest hits were my first two CDs at the age of 10 and this is like 1990 before you go fuckin judging me. I got a CD Player for Christmas and that's when CDs were still like 25$ and the cases were like a big cardboard box. "like how porn used to be in a huge box" Yeah, totally.

As far as music goes, what is the most embarassing thing you have in your library or Ipod?

Choruses are acceptable, Right?

When you get up to do a show, Do you Have a set play list? Are there like 5 songs you have to hit? Do you have an opener?

Yeah. I have. We have a mutual friend in DJ Adrenaline. I haven't done an interview or anything with him, yet. Adrenaline is like my go to guy, if I am going to do like a big show he is going to be my DJ. But, I have sat down with Beef Vegan in the mornings when I was in Honey Pistol. I do like the station. I have been on Hot Rock Supa Joint's weed show that is on KWSS on at 1 AM on Thursday mornings.

Are you a member of any music group, organization, coalition anything like that?

So, first off, where did the name ORANGUBANG come from?

My Dinner with Orangubang

"If you cook it right, its similar, I cook a good turkey bacon"

I mentioned this interview to one of my buddies and he is a foodie, he fuckin loves food. He thought I Was just talking about the best thing ever. Go to the butcher and get a burger patty thick cut of bacon. I was like, "that is too much fuckin bacon". He was like "no, its perfect. Add cheese, with a little bit of burger in the cheese and that's how you can call it a bacon cheese burger." If money was no object, I still don't think I would buy that. Even for a million dollars I don't think I could do it. It's just too much to bite into an inch thick piece of bacon meat. Don't get me wrong. There can never be too much bacon. Turkey bacon can take a hike.

Money is no object, What is your dream bacon meal?

In my life? That I am still alive. I did a lot of stupid shit when I was a kid that should have probably got me killed. Like the fact I got enough of my shit together to get a H.S. Diploma, even though I couldn't of cared less for the homework. I just wanted that damn Diploma. Like no principal could stop me with his damn drug dogs and random searches. I fucking got that and I lived through my early 20s. All those terrible decisions I made there. I'm happy and well adjusted, sort of, for it. I think the fact that I am still here is cool and if I get to play another show, I do. When I do thats the coolest moment.  Instead of having to worry about tomorrow, that was pretty fuckin cool what you got to do the other day. Life ain't so bad when you get to go show up at a bar and everybody fuckin knows ya because you have played there so many times. It's nice. In a little world. I'm never going to hit that level where everybody knows who the fuck I am. I got no aspirations or illusions of grandeur.

'I saw them, it must have been a little later. I saw them on the DIAMOND EYES TOUR at the MESA AMPITHEATER and it was amazing. He was all over the place. I know those festival shows can be brutal. I do love the pavilion for like WARPED TOUR.Its fun because there is tons of space for it.'

"well yeah, but he was fat and out of shape"

'that place can get hot though'

"It was like 7 PM"

HMMM... That's a damn good question. I would ask Kurt Cobain who shot him. Or JFK. Same question. One of those two. I would weasel my way into both. I would like to solve some mystery while I was there, ya know?

If you could ask anyone throughout history, alive or dead, a question. Who would it be and what is the question?


Doing the same. doing me, as long as I'm doing, it sounds cliche I guess, but, I mean if you asked me 10 years ago that I even thought I would be performing live period, I woulda said, "fuckin you're nuts, that's crazy. its never going to happen. Because I know people that do that and they're actually good at what they do. So, there is no way I'm going to be able to fake my way into anything." So, the fact that I have been able to accomplish what I have been able to accomplish. If it ended tomorrow, I would be fine. If I never made it I'm fine. Like these CDs I keep the overhead stupid low. I spent 200$ on recording the vocals. They cost me 2.50$ to make plus shipping. If I sell 3 CDs after a show, I'll end up giving one away because I have already made my money back for those 4 CDs. If I still walk away with 10$ I'm cool. I got to buy a beer while I got to go out and I had a good time. I have a good time no matter where I go. Because I usually bring a couple joints with me. If I'm not having a good time, I make sure I'm having a good time. So, in 5 years, IF I'm still making music, and I will be I'm sure, whatever it is I'm doing, as long as its fuckin something I honestly enjoy, Cool. I'm Happy. I don't care if I ever make enough money to live off of, I would love to, but I got a day job thats pretty cool. Its a shitty warehouse gig but, it pays enough to cover my bills. I dont need much I'm a simple dude. I can afford my toys.

     "my girlfriend went to opening day of the DBACKS and said a lot of people were eating half and just putting it down. I just can't walk away from something that expensive and edible."

I don't cook. but, if somebody asks what should they cook that involves bacon? My buddy, my roommate Red, makes a badass stuffed jalepeno. He stuffs that shit with Sour cream and then wraps it in bacon, sticks a toothpick through it, fuckin throw it on the grill, that shit is tasty as fuck! I just went to the DBACKS game Friday and got the DBAT. The 25$ dog they wrap in bacon and fry it. Pretty impressive.

To an extent. You better have good transition. It better go straight your verse, into that chorus. No possible way you could fuckin maintain your breath because you just blew it out in that verse and your chorus is like a chick singing too. Maybe, you don't sing. That's why you need a hype man. I don't understand what is so hard about finding a friend, that's how I got started with it, my shit was only written for the studio and I needed a hype man, it helped me get my nuts up too. I don't know how hard it is to find a guy you can get high, he will come down to the show and you buy him a beer and he will hype you up. Everybody is dying for MIC time, but no one wants to hype you up. Look up "Raparoake" on Band Camp. it should be under Spitball. Like the whole track is about that shit. I hate it. I can't fuckin stand it. I get discouraged by the backing vocals. I see a lot of good MCs doing it. I try to pull them aside and if I have that relationship with them, like tell them, " hey, you're better than this" I have flat out told a couple people that shit. It's cool. But, like a lot of mother fuckers are doing it and I don't get it.
I haven't been to any horrible shows, unless its like new metal and it just sounds like  recycled radio garbage.

To a certain extent, I come into it prepared but I don't say like, " I gotta hit these songs" Like my catalog isn't that big. But, it's big enough. I like to focus on quality over quantity. So, if I can get like 7 good songs, like on my EP, I'm cool with that being my album. I don't need there to be like 3 filler tracks on there. I have like 20 songs and with 20 minute hip-hop sets, which is what most of them are anymore. I go up there with a pre-planned set from the day before. I sit down with reaper and get all my songs blended together. Put little interludes in there. Put in breaks where I can talk to the crowd, give shout outs, that kind of thing. That way without a DJ I can go up there and just say press play. That way you don't have to do anything once the sound is fine, ya know? I have it fading in and out between songs. Where I want it to be. Have it some what prepared, even though I don't have a DJ.
"Do you ever play a track that already has vocals on it?"
Fuck no. In fact I wrote a fuckin song about that. Pretty early on. Back when I was with Spitball. The first rap group I was in, when I first started rapping, publicly. We constantly played shows with people that were doing that shit and I didn't realize how prevalent it was. Like I come from a rock & roll/metal background where that sort of shit doesn't happen unless its just a big ole 808 kick. BAM!! in the middle of a big hardcore tune or something. I was just totally like, " That shit happens?" And I saw MC Chris do it at one point at Club Red. Like he was using heavy backing tracks. He basically just rapped over his CD. I was like, " Man, I really love MC Chris but, he lost a couple points in my book that day" and I started playing all these shows and at least one person a show is doing it. If its an all hip-hop show at least one guy has his chorus pre recorded, if not all the vocals.
"Choruses are acceptable. right?"

Where were you born?

Like 8 years. I think it was 2006 when I moved out here. I had always been, I lived in South Dakota before that. Graduated High School up there and shit. Just needed to get the fuck out. I hated the snow and shit. I had some friends down here so, I just moved down here. I had always hung out with Musicians and I was always too busy doing drugs, drinking, and shit to fuckin really pick up an instrument and be productive. I moved down here and had a lot more time on my hands, it was a lot more chill and so many good musicians around me I took the time to pick up that instrument and started jamming with Honey Pistol and we started the band actually. Like, I just started playing bass to be in that band and it kicked everything up like creatively for me, anyway. That's when I started rapping was on the weekends when we didn't have Honey Pistol gigs, I would just grab a bottle of whiskey, write some shitty ass beats on Fruity Loops, and throw down some vial lyrics, try to gross people out.

Like a Posse or something like that? Well, I'm on 56th Street Records, Which is Hot Rock Supa Joint's label. Don't know if you know him or not, he raps alot about weed and has a big ole perm, bunch of tattoos and dresses like a cock rocker but he raps about weed. So, there's a lot of cool bands on that shit like, Andy Warpigs, Bacchus and the DemonSluts, Nerdzerker, fuckin' Ichi Saan just got on there and shit. A lot of diverse acts and fucking really cool like performers and they just put on a hell of a show. I think that's one of the best things about that label, no one really fucks around. Like, there is no real affiliations or anything, I Have only lived here like 8 years. I know a lot of people in a lot of different scenes. Like Banana Gun, Bob Domestic, and TKLB I'm really tight with just kinda Down ass mother Fuckers. I don't really get out much, you know? I'm fuckin 34. I go out like 2-3 times a week and that's enough for me ya know? I have been doing bars for like 13 years.

I would have to say the burger definately needed something. Like a slice of avacado or maybe just  all the fixings. It had no tomato or onion. Can't go wrong with just a full salad on a burger. I give it a 4 out  of 5 . To find out what ORANGUBANG  rated it , you will have to read down to the bottom.

Now, on with the interview portion of the night...

I rank the burger 4.33. It's missing something. Like a special sauce. Like a house sauce to give it that unique kick. Otherwise, it was just a really fuckin good burger. Nothing to complain about besides it could of used something a little special.

So, to close it up, what do you rank the BC BURGER? 1 out of 5?

God damn man, my mom, I guess, I mean its the momma's boy's answer. But, she was always there and did everything she needed to do to make sure I didn't need anything. Other than that, I love HOTROCKSUPAJOINT, for giving me label support. I love the whole 56TH ST RECORDS FAMILY. We are all in each other's videos and shit. I get to dress up like a dinosaur and shit. My good friends back in SOUTH DAKOTA, love all you fuckers. TKLB? and BOB DOMESTIC are fuckin bad ass in my book. There is a lot of dope mother fuckers but, those two hold it down for me every fuckin chance they get. I will never forget, I will never turn my back on those guys. Outside of that, just anyone who, I am bound to forget people but, if you have ever done something nice for me, just know I appreciate it. You're awesome. I love everyone who hasn't just outwardly fucked me over, even then I don't hate you, I just don't want nothing to do with you, at the same time.

Who would you like to thank?

What are you most proud of?

Give me a couple fries to think about that... that's a tough one...
What is the Dumbest thing you have ever done on Tequila?
I look forward to who it is and what they did. I feel privileged to be the first one without the random question.

What's the most random question you want me to ask the next person I interview?

It used to be whiskey before I turned 30. at 30 I got into where the hangovers would be ridiculously fierce. It just got worse and worse and worse every time I tried to drink it. At like 26-27 you wouldn't have gotten a shot of whiskey passed me. It was mine.
"At this point I'm 31 I feel the same way. But, I can't turn it down if its already been ordered. Like, Fuck, you already ordered it. I guess I have to, son of a bitch"
I gotta work, you talk about balancing life. I can't afford to lose a day just being hungover in bed all day. Plus, I gotta stay sober enough to drive myself home.

'Was it during the day tho?'

"Now that brings up a point for me. I went and saw FAMILY VALUES TOUR LIKE 06-07. At whatever Pavilion it is now, Chino from DEFTONES had to sit down after the first song. Out of breath."

You better love what you do. Be ready to suck for a long time. Be ready to never make it. Because you're probably not gonna. Like, it doesn't happen for like 99% of people that try to do it, so you better make sure you are doing something you really like to do. After that, Just enjoy it man. Take it professionally at the same time. There is a lot with the new technology these days. There is a lot of people that have no business doing this stuff publicly, that are doing it publicly. It's like carry yourself professionally at all times.
Guys that can't do it live sell studio tricks. Where a band like FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES, would be the first thing that comes to mind. Thier first album, "Too Bad You're Beautiful" was amazing, like I don't know if you know it. Its just blistering fast. Hard core metal core shit. good stuff, Right? Everybody that fuckin saw them just says they are nothing live. Fuckin garbage. Its all studio tricks. That's what these karaoke rappers remind me of. They are out of breath. Thats the thing about most of them. They can't keep up with their own track. You can tell how out of breath he is and can't do this live.

Lets see... As far as being an artist or musician. What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

As far as being an artist goes, do you have any goals? where do you wanna see yourself in 5 years as an artist?

God. Thats tough. I don't even have like a favorite band song and I have a band tattooed on my arm. My go to lately, and it goes in phases I guess, but for the last two years I would say fuckin eEL-P's song "Full Retard" it's just a fuckin hype beat, its like really cool, and I love his production too. MASTER P's "make em say uhh Pt 2" that one always makes me smile, like happy and bounce around like a fucking retard. Like life ain't so bad because shit like that exists out there. Part 1 is kinda meh. But, part 2 with SNOOP DOGG and everybody they all sounded fuckin tight. Any NIRVANA song is a go to. When I don't know what I want to hear. Really, anything they did except "Unplugged" I have listened to it so much at work, it just kinda puts me to sleep. Really pretty much anything with like an upbeat, like any hit from OUTKAST and like EVERY TIME I DIE is a go to anytime I'm fuckin just in any sort of mood really. That's the one thing I listen to regularly over the past 10 years. It's really a hard question for me to answer. I'm into sooo any different things. It's just constantly fluctuating. 10 years ago it was anything POISON THE WELL, 10 years before that it was NIRVANA, 10 years before that it would have been some like doo wop shit because thats all I listened to from my step dad just listening to that BIG BOPPER shit, BUDDY HOLLY, that sort of shit. The bubble gum pop stuff from the 40s and 50s. That's just a tough one to answer. I could go on for hours on that shit.

What would you say is your favorite song?

Do you have a favorite Bacon dish or recipe? like a go to, when someone asks?

 I don't remember my first but I do remember my first awesome experience with Bacon, does that count? "yeah" When I was working in the kitchen at this bar that we won't name. The whole bar was like a little beer bar that housed video poker machines, in South Dakota. There are bars that don't exist besides the people that come in and sit at the machines,day in and day out, Drinking a couple taps Coors Lights while doing it. I worked in one of these bars and realized they didn't keep tabs on how much was really supposed to be used for what. So, I could use as much bacon as I wanted to for when I made myself dinner. I put 12 pieces of bacon, I think that's what the BACONATOR was supposed to be, I had that shit first, If you are listening Hardee's, or reading this. Wait, Wendy's. Gotta get my fucking shit straight before I start sueing people. But, Yeah, I put 12 pieces of bacon on that bitch. 12 pieces of bacon on just a solid bar burger.

Now, for the first bacon Question..Do you remember your first experience with Bacon?

My proudest moment I would say was getting to play, I was in a band called The Rolling Blackouts. They are still a band but it was kind of a way for, It was Kalen from TKLB? and I were rapping over the band's tracks, Like they have since moved on with a singer, so its a little different now, but we used to do a more rappy thing and we covered "Sabotage". We did a pretty damn decent version of "Sabotage" if you ask me. Now, the day that MCA died, we were playing a show and I found out that morning that MCA died. I got a hold of everybody and we had put that song on the shelf like a couple months prior to that. But, I got a hold of everybody and was like, "We HAVE to do this song tonight!" Like that would be really fucking cool. Let everybody know, I know we haven't practiced it in a while but, we did it that night. I tell ya, before I would do the whole verse and Kalen would jump in on the chorus or whatever but that night, I was taking breathes during like key parts and he was picking it right up without us even looking at each other. We were just killing it. It was on another level type shit. It was like YES!! and everybody was super excited and everybody that was there was way into it. That was probably my proudest moment. Now, my biggest moment was I got to play the same show as Phife Dawg from Tribe Called Quest. It was kinda early in the night. There wasn't a whole lot of people there or anything. But, it was fucking cool. When I was playing bass in Honey Pistol we got to open for Michelle Branch and that fuckin "Sex & Candy" band.. Marcy's Playground. Which is another guilty pleasure. I love like 90's pop. So, that was kinda cool for me. I was like 29, just turning 30, getting to open for them. There's been a lot of cool shit like that.

Now, I have been interviewed myself a couple times on KWSS's Driving with Gass. I have never interviewed anyone before. Have you met Gass?

I was born in Montana, but I have been all over the Midwest. Moved around a lot, when my step dad would go to different colleges or whatever job he could get. Very ambitious gentleman. So, I was in South Dakota from like age 10 to like 25? So, I spent a good size chunk of time there. My formative years, I would say. Lots and lots of snow, tornadoes, and, mosquitoes is really all I remember.
"I think I can relate as far that goes. I lived in Alaska for a couple years. That's all I remeber is snow and mosquitoes."
Its getting fucked up and fucking. That's all anyone does. Everyone ends up pregnant at like 19-20 years old. Very few people get out of that trap. Like, I'm very lucky I got out. Luckily, women don't talk to me so I didn't have to deal with like, the whole knocking chicks up thing. All my friends are like stuck there now, ya Know? They're happy and all. I understand that. DON'T READ THIS AND GET ANGRY WITH ME. I GOT NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR YA, BUT I JUST NEEDED TO GET SOMETHING ELSE IN MY LIFE. 

So, that actually brings me to my next question, how long have you been in Az?

Orangubang was like a nickname that was given to me by a former roommate, a bandmate actually at one point in time. It was the former drummer of Honey Pistol, actually. When I was still playing with them. So, my last name is Banger and there was always like "Osama Bin Banger" because I had a big beard. Then it was "Bangladesh" for a while, not knowing it was an Arab country, my friends thought it was just another terrorists country so they fucking ran with it. That sort of thing, then one day he was just like, "What's up Orangubang?" and I was like, "that's kinda cool" and I had just started doing these raps in my bedroom on the weekends. Just getting drunk, when I didn't have a gig with Honey Pistol, So I was like, "Fuck it. I'm going to use that as my rap name. It just kinda stuck and I'm the only one when you Google that shit. Bam right there. First thing.

     To set the scene,  we  were at TEMPE TAVERN, an awesome local dive with a great atmosphere and decent location.  Though the picture to the left is the view from the front patio, we did the interview on the back patio. I also included some pictures of the awesome artwork found in the men's room. 
   I would have to say the interview was something I was quite nervous about. This is my very first interview. Ever. So please bare with me as I learn how to convey the conversations I have, properly.
Now the bacon portion of the interview included Orangubang and I both eating the BC BURGER. Two  1/4  lb patties, bacon, cheddar, ketchup, and mayo.

What's the most embarassing thing you are willing to admit?

For me mostly. I admit, I'm a selfish bastard for the most part. I mean obviously there are some people that I would do anything for. I have a tight circle of friends that I would call family. Those people would get the shirt off my back, if they needed it. But, for the most part I am a cold Hearted, no feeling bastard. In fact I have been seeing a lot of homeless people that don't look very fuckin homeless to me. They look like they are just lazy and they are cleaner than I am. It's like, you got really nice shoes on. I don't think you're homeless. That sort of stuff, for the most part, society can fuck off. The new album I am working on beats for now is as close as a concept album as I can get, where the over writing theme is I hate everybody with very few exceptions. Because, there is just no fuckin, redeeming qualities to most of society. Where, when I was like 20 something I might care more about what other people thought of me. Talk about mantras, since high school I have been saying, "I don't give a fuck" and I didn't mean it in high school. Like everybody who was picked on or not liked said, "I don't give a fuck" Like it is just some defense mechanism. One of those things, where you say it so many times you start to believe it. Like these days, I honestly could really care less. Honestly, like lock me in my room. I don't care. There is no reason to live for anyone else. If you're not happy, no one around you is going to be happy.

One guy on my Facebook Page told me to ask you, Do you live for you or others?

Maybe I have just never had it right. Its fine. don't get me wrong. I get the concept.

Beer or Whiskey?

I'm an open book. I don't really care but most people would consider this embarassing...I could have been a registered sex offender. If it hadn't gone the way it did. So, one night I was like 23 and I had a couple beers at my buddies house. I had moved back in with my mom, like for a temporary thing. I wasn't really staying there, because she lived like 30 miles away from town, where I worked. So, I stayed at my buddies house and I would bring a case of beer over, like as a tithing for letting me surf the couch. We sat around and we blazed. It was like payday, I had a fat sack of weed. It was good days. We sat around watching a Blind Melon video. So, I woke up in jail. I guess I decided to pee outside. Like off the front steps of the house we were in. It was like 7:30-8 o'clock in the morning. So, it was a bright sunshiny morning. The cops driving by were not very pleased. I was like pretty much blacked out. I was a sleep walker at the time too. So, I'm out there peeing, I don't remember that part, I kinda remember being roughed up by the cops. I guess I was resisting arrest. The scuffle woke up one of my buddies and he looked out to see 4 cops trying to handcuff me. I was apparently screaming, " FUCK YOU PIGS". My first real memory from that morning was sitting in the back of the cop car with my work jeans on still, with a fresh ounce of pot in the pocket. I remember the cop wrestling the fat sack of weed out of my pocket. This was the freaky part, I came to in the cop shop handcuffed to the bench. No idea how I got there. So, I asked the bailiff, " why am I here?". He responded with, "Indecent exposure and possesion of Marijuana". I said, "the possesion charge makes sense. I did buy a fat bag of weed last night. Now, where did the other charge come from?" he said," I don't know. I just read the charges sir" I thought, " Oh God, what the fuck did I do??" So, I was super nice. I told them, " I don't know what I did. You got me on some legit shit, obviously. What do we need to do?" and they direct me towards a bailiff. There was a bailbondsman already there. The dude he was there for was being a drunk asshole. He was like, " do you have your bank card on you?" I was like, " yeah. let's do this" Went and grabbed cash and I was out, Back to where I knew I was supposed to be. I got back and got all the pieces put together. Found out I was belligerent with the cops and all that. Luckily, I plead guilty to the weed charges, so they dropped the indecent exposure. I was able to move forward from that with like a $250 fine. I think I sat for like 2 days in jail for it. It was just a slap on the wrist. But, Yeah, without weed, I would be a registered sex offender. Imagine, looking like I do, having to knock on your door and tell you I'm a sex offender? I look like a delinquent. You're not going to care what I say after indecent exposure. You're going to think I was flashing my wee wee at 12 year old girls or something.